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About Our Lawns and Plantings


We use only the finest quality plant materials from reputable growers. We choose plant materials carefully for your project based on the climate in your specific area. These plant materials are best suited for the extremely hot summer temperatures and soil conditions of this area.


Most likely you have heard of Marathon Dwarf Fescue as it is the best marketed lawn in the industry. Just because it is the best marketed does not mean it is the best product for this area. It is grown in Oxnard, a milder climate than the Inland Empire, thus it is not well acclimated to our harsh weather conditions. AG Dwarf Elite sod is the best choice for this area for several reasons:

  • Green year-round if fertilized properly.
  • Best disease resistance of all types of grass available for landscape use.
  • Shorter blade height and slower growth rate means less mowing than other grasses.
  • Most drought tolerant of all cool season grasses.
  • Tolerates heavy wear and recovers quickly from wear damage.
  • Good for pets.

Overall, AG Dwarf Elite will perform the best in your landscape with fewer problems and less maintenance requirements than any other grass available. There are other sod choices available:


  • Tall Fescue: Larger blade and mowing height than Dwarf fescue. Green year round. Better in dry desert areas.
  • Bluegrass: Fine blade, year-round green, susceptible to rust fungus and other diseases and pests, high water requirement, costs more. Good in areas where average summer heat is in the 80’s.


  • Hybrid Bermuda: Low growing, dormant in winter, spreads by runners, drought tolerant, must be mowed with a reel type mower, costs more to install. Good for putting greens. Varieties include Tifgreen and Tifway.
  • St. Augustine: Very coarse blade, aggressive growth, spreads by runners, dormant in winter, must be mowed with a reel type mower & dethatched frequently, grows fairly well in shady areas, drought tolerant, damages easily under heavy traffic but repairs quickly, costs more to install.

We are aware that a sodded lawn costs more than a hydroseeded lawn and could be more expensive than the budget allows. We do not provide hydroseeding services as the quality of lawn is not comparable to a sodded lawn, plus the time and effort we must put forward to bring a seeded lawn up to standard is extremely cost prohibitive and rarely produces a satisfied customer. We will be happy to prepare your lawn area ready for hydroseeding, but suggest you contact a hydroseeding company to install your seeded lawn.

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