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Your sprinkler system is the most important element in your landscape. It is tempting to save a few dollars going with a low-cost installer. Ultimately the costs of repairs and necessary upgrades to your system, as well as dead turf and plantings will cost far more than installing your sprinkler system right the first time. We have been at this a long time and seen people continuously choose low-cost sprinkler installers to save a few dollars and unfortunately it never works out. Very few are satisfied with those systems. Without proper sprinkler coverage and efficient water application, your investment in your yard is as good as lost. Simply stated, you must have these elements for a properly functioning sprinkler system:

  • Proper head spacing that provides head to head overlapping, even coverage.
  • Proper pressure and flow on each sprinkler zone to ensure that each head throws it’s rated distance & applies the right amount of water.
  • Matched precipitation sprinkler heads – do not mix spray heads with stream rotors as they do not apply water at the same rate.
  • A quality timer that will not fail to operate correctly.

Whether we install a new sprinkler system for you or revamp and old system, we only install the finest components. Every new system we install meets the following standards:

  • Hunter Irrigation smart-ready controller, either X-Core, PCC, Pro-C or ICC Series depending on your system’s need.
  • Hunter Solar-Sync weather-based ET sensor (available upon request).
  • Rainbird ASVF Series 1” Automatic Antisiphon Valves.
  • Ultraviolet resistant Sch. 80 PVC pipe for all visible valve risers.
  • 1” or larger Sch. 40 PVC piping for all constant pressure lines.
  • 3/4” or larger Sch. 40 PVC piping for all lateral lines. We never use Class 200 thin wall pipe for anything!
  • Sprinkler head types: Hunter Pro-spray series spray heads & Hunter PGP stream rotors.
  • Toro Precision Series spray nozzles.
  • Hunter MP-Rotator water efficient nozzles.
  • Every single sprinkler head is installed on an easy-repair swing joint. Swing joints make breaks easy to repair as it typically involves threaded components rather than cutting into a difficult to access pvc pipe in the ground. Swing joints also allow the head to be moved a few inches if necessary, as well as allowing easy height adjustments. We do NOT use flexible cut-off risers, poly pipe or any other material lesser in quality than a sch. 80 riser on our swing joints as is typical with low-cost installers.
  • Hunter ET ready irrigation controllers with weather sensors upon request.
  • High quality, durable drip systems featuring Netafim Techline & Rainbird XF Dripline with pre-installed emitters and/or Bowsmith self-cleaning emitters attached directly to the main 1/2” poly distribution tubing. We never use small spaghetti tubing that falls apart.
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