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Artisan Light & Landscape is one I give the highest recommendation to contact. He runs approximately 4-6 weeks in his scheduling. YES, he is that good! We have been in our home for 40 years, sprinkler system was longer than that. As we were preparing to leave over Labor Day, a main pipe to the street broke. He was recommended. The City came and shut off our water as we were literally out the door for the long weekend. He came while we were gone, maintained contact with us, and attended to the situation so we would have water upon our return. That, in itself, was a “gift”. We had never met him personally, but he was highly recommended to us by a friend. He put in a valve that is accessible to us to be able to turn water on/off at the street to the house instead of having to rely on the City to come out to do it. Because we had done the “band-aid” repairs for so many years on a less than effective sprinkler system (we have a very large yard), it was decided to completely have the system brought up to par. He goes by “T”, works onsite along with the workers. Will call, or text, he is on his way (I know that just isn’t the case with most contractors) and works clean and efficiently. He also does outdoor lighting and did an outstanding job in our backyard to make it more enjoyable. I laughingly said now that this is all done, it will be an all time rainy season and YES it has. The timer for the system is state of the art and advises me via my cell phone that the ground is saturated and, therefore, the schedule will be skipped for that day. I recommended him to friends, he did both their system and laid sod, so I have also seen the result of that job. I am not, have not, and will not be paid for this recommendation. LOL! Here is his contact information: T.M. Meis. 951.231.4504., EMAIL: You won’t be disappointed with the end results.

– Gayle Fralick McThomas

  • LED  Systems: Up to 80% less expensive to run than standard systems!
  • LED Retrofits: Most systems can be easily retrofitted to energy efficient LED’s!
  • Available in 2700k warm white same as warm color temperature of standard bulbs!

Our relationship with our client is the most important relationship we have and in everything we do we strive to maintain that. We realize hiring someone to come to your house is risky and not everyone who represents themselves as professional and knowledgeable…is! We give every client the assurance that we will provide the best quality product and service, and warranty should something go wrong.

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We design custom landscape environments and 12 volt outdoor landscape & architectural lighting systems. We meet with you to determine your needs and wants and work up a practical, functional design based on your input and budget. A landscape design for a typical size tract home starts at $400.00. (More for larger properties or detail heavy drawings). The design will be association ready so you can submit it to your homeowner’s association for approval. Please note that our designs are 2d color CAD drawings and are practical working drawings. We do not provide 3d imaging. That is an entirely different animal!


We install landscape projects and outdoor lighting systems from our own designs or from others. We use only top quality professional grade materials and installation practices. Our landscape installations are spectacular, functional and built to last. When you hire us you will get the best quality, beautiful landscape you desire and the process of working with us will be easy and enjoyable. We are friendly, attentive people and fun to work with. We will walk you through every step of the process and incorporate your input on a daily basis so you will always know exactly what you are getting.

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