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The price we quote is the price you pay. No hidden fees. No extra charges unless you request changes or additional work. Guaranteed!

  • LED  Systems: Up to 80% less expensive to run than standard systems!
  • LED Retrofits: Most systems can be easily retrofitted to energy efficient LED’s!
  • Available in 2700k warm white same as warm color temperature of standard bulbs!
  • Also available in 4000k + cool white!

Our relationship with our client is the most important relationship we have and in everything we do we strive to maintain that. We realize hiring someone to come to your house is risky and not everyone who represents themselves as professional and knowledgeable…is! We give every client the assurance that we will provide the best quality product and service, and warranty should something go wrong.

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What We Do


We design custom landscape environments and 12 volt outdoor landscape & architectural lighting systems. We meet with the client to determine their needs and wants and work up a practical, functional design based on their input and budget.


We install landscape projects and outdoor lighting systems from our own designs or from others. We use only quality professional grade materials and installation practices.

Free Estimates!

Estimates are always free, however, if your project requires design work or ideas to generate a proposal, we charge a fee to create a design for you. If we install your project, the design fee is refunded at the last payment.

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